Keto friendly Zucchini Lasagne – It’s delicious!

For the first time ever, I shot all the photos with my cell phone.

My wife and I are experimenting with the Keto diet, trying to shed some stubborn fat that gets harder to lose when you get older. If you’re not familiar with the diet, it is a high fat, super low-carb diet. So, in this recipe I substituted zucchini for the lasagna noodles. The good news is it was every bit as good as my regular Lasagna recipe.

This was a bit of an improv recipe. I’ve made lasagna enough times that I was able to guess on some of the quantities. I’ve done my best to quantify them for you in the recipe. Don’t worry if not exact. I listed a couple of my improv shortcuts below.

I started with mis-en-place which is the French term for putting everything in place–before beginning. I started by dicing some onions and slicing mushrooms and garlic. I then used a chef’s knife to slice the zucchini into long strips, less than a quarter inch thick. A mandolin might work even better if you have one.

I grilled my zucchini. I did this for two reasons. First, I wanted to make sure it was fully cooked and tender. Secondly, vegetables can give off a lot of water when cooking. I didn’t want my lasagna to end up a soupy mess. It worked perfectly.

While I was grilling my zucchini, I had a second pan going. I sauteed my onions and mushrooms together until both were softened. I then added my garlic and cooked for another couple of minutes (you never want to burn garlic!). I set them aside and cooked my sausage. I drained the sausage then added the mushrooms, onions, and garlic back to the sausage.


I had a couple of cheats going for me. I used a jar of good Marinara sauce. Certainly, you could make your own! I usually do. But on this day, I was trying to keep this recipe simple.

I also happened to have some cheese mixture left over from when we made calzones for a family birthday party recently. Don’t worry … It’s easy … it was a simple mixture of Ricotta, Mozzarella, and Parmigiano-Reggiano. I could have added an egg, which helps bind the mixture together when baking. I left it out and it was fine.

With this done, I began to assemble my lasagna. I put down a layer of marinara on the bottom, then a layer of zucchini. I then added a layer (half) of my sausage, onions, mushroom mixture. I topped that with a layer of cheese mixture. Repeat for a second layer, then top it with additional mozzarella.

All that remained was to bake and enjoy. We covered it with foil for the first 40 minutes. Then remove it for the final ten minutes so the cheese could brown. It’s best to then let it rest for about fifteen minutes. You’ll see that it looked delicious. And it was!

Buon Appetito! Frankie

4 thoughts on “Keto friendly Zucchini Lasagne – It’s delicious!

  1. Can’t wait to try this. Now you need a keto tiramisu recipe. Loved your tiramisu but Steve and I can’t have it since we’re keto .

  2. Hi Frankie! Gonna make this for linner tomorrow ( I’m OMAD keto and Steve is 2 meals a day . Also planning on trying the keto adaptation of your tiramisu as part of Christmas desserts. I have your cookbook. Thanks for the ladyfingers heads up.

    • Awesome. Enjoy the lasagne. Another thing we made recently was some chicken parmigiano. All I did was sub almond flour for the normal flour and breadcrumbs. It was delicious! There is a recipe for veal parmigiano in my cookbook. Just switch it to chicken breasts (pounded into thinner cutlets) and do the almond or other Keto flour.

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