7 thoughts on “Purchase Cookbooks

    • Hi Susie:

      Great to have your interest! I don’t have my site set-up for on-line payment yet. If you email me direct at frankpizza@aol.com I’ll provide an address and you can mail me a check and I’ll ship the book. Another option is to order through amazon but those books do not come signed.


  1. Dear Frankie and family,

    My sister and brother-in-law, Dee and Brian [of Redmond] always raved about your restaurant, so we were thrilled to get to come last spring when my son was singing in Seattle. You did not disappoint! We absolutely enjoyed the atmosphere and food. Magnifico! It was the culinary highlight of our trip.
    So you can imagine how happy I was to receive your cookbook on Christmas morning. I truly enjoyed your photographs, and I’ll be trying my first Frankie’s recipe tonight. Several family members were looking through the book after our Christmas dinner, and I’m sure you will be selling a few more, too.
    Thanks for representing terrific Italian family food in such a gracious, warm manner, and taking such great care of Dee and Brian whenever they visit. And we will be back whenever we visit them!
    Grazie, grazie!

  2. Frankie, I want to order your cook book but I am unable to use the outlook exp. set-up you have for ordering. My friend Nick Cecil has your book and we used several of your recipes while I was visiting.

    • Hi Roger: Thanks for the inquiry. There are few ways to go. You can purchase the books on Amazon (currently listed at $12.70 + 3.99 shipping). If you live anywhere close, we also have them at the restaurant for $19.95 (I’m happy to sign if I am there), or I can mail you a signed copy for $19.95 + $4 shipping. If you’d like to do the latter, contact me via email at frankpizza@aol.com to make arrangements.

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