Frankie’s Cookbook

Book Cover

Frankie At Home in the Kitchen

Frankie’s Pizza and Pasta:  Easy Italian Recipes to Make at Home

NOTE: The printed version of Frankie’s Cookbook is once again available in print. Autographed copies may be ordered from my website or as an eBook or hard copy from Amazon (see buttons below).


In his debut cookbook, Frankie presents a collection of deliciously simple recipes, capturing the essence of his restaurant menu and culinary travels to Italy. Founder and owner of Frankie’s Pizza and Pasta in Redmond, Washington, Frankie was a training consultant in a past life. His recipes, both traditional favorites and original creations, are well-tested and easy to follow. And he’s even recommended a fabulous Italian wine to pair with each dish. Beautifully presented with hundreds of photographs, this book is a wonderful guide for those who want to lure friends and family to the table with handcrafted pizzas, pastas and other Italian delectables.


• Lure your friends and family to the table with over 120 well tested, easy-to-follow recipes for pizza, pasta, antipasti, soup, salad, sandwiches, beverages, and desserts.

• Italian wine pairing recommendations for all pizzas, pastas, and entrees.

• Loaded with color and black and white photographs of recipes, the restaurant, Frankie’s garden and our travels

10 thoughts on “Frankie’s Cookbook

  1. This is your cousin Evie, Eileen’s youngest daughter. I was wondering about the book that has some interesting info about our granpa Frank. Mom has talked about it a couple of times. I am not sure it is a family recipe book or what it is but mom is wanting one, I think. if you could just let me know about it I would really appreciate it !

    • Hi Evie: Great to hear from you! It is an Italian cook book. I do make a brief reference to grandpa Frank when talking about my heritage. I sent your mom a book for her birthday. She should have received it about a month ago.

  2. There’s no reason for you to remember this, but you were purchasing a Honda around the same time the business was new. It really fills my heart to see that your business is thriving and that you’ve found both personal fulfillment doing what you love, and having great success with it. It really resonated with me when you told me what you were doing (when you were opening, or had recently opened the restaurant, I can no longer remember) because I LOVE LOVE LOVE cooking and food so much also. It’s hard to believe it’s been as long as it has. Continued great success to you, Frankie.
    Stacey Boyer (formerly Honda of Kirkland)

  3. I am curious as to whether my all-time favorite – the sun-dried tomato pasta pasta is in your recipe book. I have lived in Northern California for the last almost 20 years, but frequented your restaurant regularly when I lived in Redmond and then Bellevue. I was hoping to visit in 2 weeks and just learned that you closed. Also, if I recall correctly, although your spumoni was homemade and the best I’ve ever had, I think you procured it. If so, might I ask you from where? I will look forward to hearing from you. Cheers, Julianne

    • Hi Julianne. Yes, the sun-dried pesto is in the cook book.

      We were purchasing the spumoni from Snoqualified Ice Cream in Maltby. Their retail shops is closed for the season and reopens in May. Not sure if you could find it in any stores.


  4. Hey Frank! I’ve been craving the brownies (ten years later and I still remember how amazing they were) are they in the book?

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