The Journey to a Thankful Heart

Frank & Rhonda in Pienza, TuscanyToday I am posting the second article in a series I am writing on food, cooking, and the table.  This second article is a deeply personal one.  I hope that you will enjoy it, and that it will help you in your own journey to a thankful heart.

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Philosophizing about food, cooking and table

Frankie in the vineyard

Today I am beginning a series of articles on food, cooking, and the table.  My outlook on these things may seem unique to some of you.  My own perspective has changed much over the years.  My attitudes have been honed by life, by cooking, by gardening, by travel, by the view of others who love food, and maybe even by the One who created it all.

If you might indulge me a bit, I’d like to begin with two short stories.  The first took place see more…

Sangiovese grapes

My wife Rhonda checking out the fruit